“Answering Hannah’s Cry” Now Available!

    After 3 years in the making, Cori’s surrogate story can finally be told! Answering Hannah’s Cry is the story of how Cori came to understand the world of Surrogacy and the struggle couples all over the world face to begin their families. What’s more, this is the story of how Cori discovered her calling to help administer a solution to this struggle- one that was orchestrated by God Himself- and came to grips with the questions, stigmas and myths associated with Surrogacy.

    From the book’s description:

    “What do you do when all avenues for having a child of your own are exhausted? Do you choose adoption or decide it must be God’s will for you to remain childless, and become everyone’s ‘favourite aunt and uncle’?

    “As dedicated Christians, Corinne and her husband Terry saw the heartache of those unable to maintain a pregnancy, and decided to answer the call of four couples. Answering Hannah’s Cry is Cori’s story as she explores an altogether different—and to some, controversial—option for having a baby. Welcome to the world of Gestational Surrogacy. Meet four couples with so much love to give, but with the inability to carry children to term, and see them through the eyes of someone willing to carry those children to birth as an instrument of God’s answer to their heartfelt prayers.”

    Answering Hannah’s Cry is now available for only $9.99 in Amazon Kindle™ Edition, with print and iBooks® editions coming soon! For readers on iPhone® and iPad®, you can obtain the FREE Kindle for iPad app in the iTunes® Store, which will allow you to read any Kindle book on your Apple device. Apps for other mobile and desktop devices are available for FREE at the links at left.

    Get your copy of Answering Hannah’s Cry today, and discover what Gestational Surrogacy is all about, from someone who has experienced the joy and reward of giving of herself to help others’ dreams become reality!

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