Services & Fees

Surrogacy Services

  1. BulletPre-screening, selection and matching process

  2. Negotiation of Surrogate’s Compensation and other expenses for Gestational Contract

  3. Perform background checks for Intended Parents and Surrogate

  4. Click below to download the following:Coordination of any necessary travel arrangements

  5. Referral to legal services for Intended Parents and Surrogate with reputable collaborative reproduction attorneys

  6. Escrow management: disbursement of compensation checks, monthly expenses and all financial reimbursements to Surrogates

  7. If necessary, locating a Reproductive Endocrinologist/Fertility Clinic that fits the Intended Parents’ qualifications

  8. Coordination of required medical screening for all parties, per reproductive endocrinologist’s specifications

  9. Surrogate Angels of San Antonio will arrange and attend all match meetings between Intended Parents and Surrogate (and spouse/partner if applicable)

  10. Coordinate all necessary preliminary psychological testing, including scheduling of the MMPI

  11. If requested and agreed upon in contract, counseling services will be arranged for Surrogate throughout pregnancy

  12. BulletLocating life insurance for Surrogate (mandatory per contract)

  13. BulletIf necessary, Surrogate Angels of San Antonio will find appropriate medical insurance to cover Surrogate during pregnancy and delivery

  14. BulletOverseeing all necessary legal filings and procedures (such as pre-birth orders) to establish parental rights for Intended Parents

  15. BulletFacilitate the completion of a Home Study for the Intended Parents by a licensed State Social Worker; this study may be required for the validation of most Gestational Contracts

    PLEASE NOTE: Because of our unique position, it’s important to understand that SASA™ is here to represent and protect both the Intended Parents and Surrogates. It is our job to ensure that their relationship throughout the next few months is positive & healthy, and we work to maintain a high degree of trust and accountability between the Intended Parents and Surrogates.

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